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Name:Graphics by Mik
Birthdate:Jan 24
Location:Florida, United States of America
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My name is, as you may have concluded, Mik. ;o) And, as you also may have deduced, I make graphics. I make all kinds of graphics from icons to blinkies to layouts... etc. My daily DW can be found at [personal profile] fonetiks, but if you're only after graphics, you've come to the right page! I will never, ever charge for my graphics. I think that's pretty petty (unless it's fund-raising for a worthy cause). I will only ask for credit where it is due. I am totally open to requests and, in the unlikely event I cannot fulfill them, I will say so. Some of my graphics may not be work- or child-friendly. Some may be dark/morbid. I will absolutely warn you and use a cut when this is the case. Mostly, I just hope we can use this space to have a lot of graphic-related fun!

A 3D black tag with boxes that start out red and turn to rainbow and go back to read reading: Rules.

There are some things I ask, and most of them are pretty much common-sense.
An animated heart used as a bullet point.Be polite. This means to myself and to my friends. If you don't like the outcome of a graphic, there's a nice way and a snotty way of asking me to fix it. I suggest going with the former.
An animated heart used as a bullet point.Patience. On a personal note, I'm very ill. I might take a day or two to get to your request. If you don't like that, go elsewhere. I'm sure there are many other wonderful graphic artists on DW who would be happy to rush and make your graphics.
An animated heart used as a bullet point.Credit me. When it's an icon, credit me in the "comment" portion of the icon upload page. If it's any other graphic, I'll give you a code below the finished product. Just copy and paste it. Easy enough!
An animated heart used as a bullet point.If you are rude, you'll get one warning, then be removed. Same for not crediting.
An animated heart used as a bullet point.If I do not add you here, it is either because you do not credit your graphics, you are a member of an icon-stealing community, you appear to have no entries or friends and that makes me wonder who you are (if not a bot), or I have been warned about you from reliable sources. Otherwise, I will more than likely add you.
An animated heart used as a bullet point.HAVE FUN!

The photography for my default icon, layout header and FOB are by the amazing Elisa Lazo de Valdez. Please check out her stuff! (Much of it is NSFW.) She is amazing!
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